Drooping plants indoor

Drooping plants indoor

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Drooping plants indoor

Olá a todos,

I have a few problems with my indoor garden.

In last year we started to grow indoor plants.

To grow plants in very short period of time, with out sunshine or ctrmos, I bought the following:

lumigard 3000 grow kit with styrofoam blocks.

dappled sunshine plant growing house 2.

paddys greenhouse potting mix.

the stock was vierge white, from Philips.

indoor plants come with tiny sharp needles, they cut my finger when taking them out.

I thought this is a good start for the garden, but today my sprouts come out white and I have problem.

I have problem with cold temperature during night, the plants droop.

Now, I'm curious about the real problem, is the plants chilled? Is the light off?

Is this humidity enough? (30-70%).

Does my ctrmos tube or the lamp need to change? (a few days ago I tested the ctrmos tube and was reading this

but not sure that the right reading).

How to keep plants happy? Is there a special recipe for moistness?

What temperature plants should be? We live in the temperature of 50-60C...

Right now, the seedlings are 2cm tall.


I was shocked when I saw how white and drooping they are after 1 or 2 weeks of light.

* If your plants are not responding to the lights try again and check if the colors were correct

Update: The light green drooping seedlings are 3 weeks old, The yellow and brown ones are 4 weeks old. All of them were placed together in the one pot, no space between each other.

My heatis the one which says 37-38, by the way, is this correct? I use the yellow bulb with the heat, there is no heat matr


Learn from the mistakes of others. Put yourself in their place and you will find a way that is not yours.

Try changing the light bulbs every week or so. If they are going bad they will be yellow (you have enough light bulbs in the house). Next, try changing the light bulbs to a different color, like a blue one or something else that the plants will like. I also notice you say light bulb, I am assuming it is the bulb on top, is that correct?

The lights may not be cold enough for this type of plant, do you have a thermometer in the pot? Plants that are mature will need some lower temperature and they'll often lean toward some room temps, the pots are usually kept on some high on top of a plant stand or in something like that.

You can try placing a humidity tray next to the plants if they are too dry and it won't make them sick or make them droop

Oh, also, good idea about changing the bulb. I have the plants on a 3-tier pot stand. I'm not sure how to get into the bulb. I'll change the bulbs when I go to Costco on Saturday. I'm sure the bulb at Costco is different. I'll post about this when I get home.

hmm.. If you have thermostat that's not too cold then you could use your microwave or a regular oven.

If the seedlings are not responding then it's a bit more complex then you just heating them up.

There are some bacteria that create toxins when they grow. Most common plant that cause problems are citrus, strawberries, peppers, melons, squash, cucumber and tomatoes. A well balanced vegetable mix has a lot of bacteria but just small amount.

Do you use a hydroponic system? That's one of the best system and this is what I use on my pot.

Gather a bucket or some water, squeeze some water or tap water (depends on your source), a few teaspoons of salt and some sea salt (as example).

Mix them in a bucket or whatever that is you can get free. The mix has a lot of elements but it's perfect for hydro.

The salt breaks down the residue that many seeds produce on the surface of seeds, plus they are microorganisms

The rest of the elements are for the roots and moisture.

If you have some a compost in the bucket you will be one the spot.

From the moment the seeds emerge until they come out of the seedling pot you must water, the drizzle is crucial. If you water everyday for a week you will have no plant.

This system is good for all type of seeds, I personally use lettuce and celery because they are vegetable. Tomato and cucumber usually works.

I don't know if my tomato plant will get this system.

On the bottom the mix, and on top the wet plastic,