Fair oaks horticulture center events

Fair oaks horticulture center events

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Fair oaks horticulture center events

The following is a list of events at the Oak Grove Festival, which is held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds each August in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are $15. The price covers you for food, beverages, rides, games and entertainment. Children under age 3 are free, but they must be seated in a cart.

If you'd like more information on events, dates and times, go to www.OhioFair.com.

Thursday, Aug. 3, 2013


Join us for our first event of the season! The “DOWNSIZING THE FARM” workshop is all about down sizing or selling off your belongings! We are excited to partner with one of Central Ohio’s most popular farm tour organizations to provide an up-close and personal view of farmland with a focus on downsizing! We will show you a step by step process for downsizing and getting the most from your home. Join us and experience why Downsizing the Farm is the No.1 Selling Tour in Central Ohio!!

A light snack and beverage will be provided. Please bring your own chairs and folding tables.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 2013

OPEN HOUSE – 3:00PM-5:00PM:

The Central Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is excited to host a “OPEN HOUSE” event with the City of Columbus. The event is an opportunity for landscape architects and students to meet the Columbus Landscape Architecture staff. Visitors are invited to experience the work of the Columbus Landscape Architecture Staff while learning about their practice. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet staff and provide feedback on the existing projects and proposed projects in our Master Plan.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2013


Learn about the history of flood management efforts in the Columbus area and how they’ve impacted land around the city. Explore the current flood plain zoning and how it affects the city’s future development. Plus, you’ll hear about ways to make your land more resilient for future floods.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2013

Learn how to save money on your electric bills! We’ll show you ways to save big on your electric bills and how to avoid big electric rate hikes in the future. Plus, we’ll provide tools you can use to start saving money right now! Learn how to reduce home heating and cooling costs, energy use, and save money on your electric bill!

Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2013


Join us at the Wildflower Center at Columbus State for a chance to explore with the botanical experts. Enjoy the beautiful native plants as we work to learn more about them. Visit, and discover an ever-changing world of native plants!

About the Wildflower Center at Columbus State University

The Wildflower Center is a living laboratory that focuses on plant science, education and recreation. Over three acres of parkland in the heart of downtown Columbus hosts a variety of attractions that reflect the Center’s mission. Learn more at www.columbusstate.edu/wildflowercenter.

About the Center for Urban Ecology

The Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, students, and staff interested in sustainable development and planning, urban environmental issues, and how cities form. CUE is a new research lab at CSU Columbus dedicated to addressing these issues and to supporting faculty, students, and community partners who are engaged in these research areas.

CUE’s work in its first year emphasizes the development of a sustainable transportation system in the Columbus, Ohio, region. The research, teaching, and service work of CUE provides a framework to connect with the many other CSU students, faculty, and staff who are committed to sustainability.

This event is made possible through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Council.

Learn more about the Wildflower Center at Columbus State. You’re invited to enjoy an hour of free guided tours in our beautiful native plant exhibit. You’ll learn about some of the most beautiful and unique plants that call Columbus home, as well as about the role they play in our region’s ecosystem. See more than 2,000 species of plants in a variety of habitats on our grounds, including a wetland, woods, prairie and open space.

During the tour, we’ll focus on native plants in our care. Each group will tour the exhibit twice, once in the spring, when the flowers and plants are just beginning to bloom and once in the fall, when they’ve reached their most stunning colors.

This guided tour is open to the public, but reservations are required for the spring tour (see below). We also suggest you stop by the Wildflower Center and/or purchase a map of the Wildflower Center and surrounding areas.

Spring Wildflower Tour

19 de maio de 2014

12:00 – 3:00

Os passeios de primavera são cancelados até novo aviso.

Preencha nosso pedido de voluntário até 19 de maio a ser considerado para uma turnê de flores silvestres. A aplicação está disponível no Wildflower Center e pode ser apanhada no Wildflower Center ou no Centro de Visitantes, sala C, no Ohio History Center.

Os ingressos para a turnê estarão disponíveis no Wildflower Center e não serão vendidos no Ohio History Center.

Certifique -se de entrar em contato com o Wildflower Center se tiver dúvidas.

As visitas guiadas são conduzidas por voluntários (não pagos pelo Wildflower Center).

Junte -se a nós para um passeio pelo Wildflower Center e The Gardens. Aprecie as belas exposições, os belos jardins e conheça os voluntários que estão fazendo o trabalho para cuidar das flores silvestres do estado.

As visitas guiadas são conduzidas por voluntários (não pagos pelo Wildflower Center).

A turnê voluntária é cancelada.

Junte -se a nós para um passeio pelo Wildflower Center e The Gardens. Aprecie as belas exposições, os belos jardins e conheça os voluntários que estão fazendo o trabalho para cuidar das flores silvestres do estado.

As visitas guiadas são conduzidas por voluntários (não pagos pelo Wildflower Center).

Voluntários necessários para visitas guiadas!

Os cancelamentos da turnê são raros e ocorrem apenas em circunstâncias extremas. Se, por algum motivo, o passeio que você planejou foi cancelado, entre em contato conosco imediatamente! Os cancelamentos devem ser feitos por escrito e recebidos por e-mail para o Wildflower Center em [email protected] o mais tardar 24 horas antes da turnê. Visite nossa página de contato para obter mais informações sobre como entrar em contato.

Agradecemos a todos os participantes da turnê que estão dispostos a compartilhar seus conhecimentos, e sinceramente pedimos desculpas por qualquer inconveniente.

Assista o vídeo: Harvest Day 2019 (Agosto 2022).